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The Foundation holds Workshops, Seminars and Conferences. These are normally forums which are participatory and inclusive. Resource persons are normally Professionals whose specialization fields fit in with the Foundation's objectives. These include Medical practitioners, Nurses, Nutritionists, Counselors Financial and Economic advisors to address the Income Generating aspect.

The Education seminars cover topics for all categories of members. There are 5 types of members namely:

Systemic Lupus Patients

Those who have been diagnosed with the various types of Lupus.

Pre- Dialysis Patients

For this group Nutrition to pro-long on set of renal disease is emphasized by both the Nutritionists and Nephrologists.

Counseling to prepare them for dialysis and which methods are available is also done.

.Early donor preparation is also done. (Some patients never dialyze but go on straight for a transplant when the time comes.

.Early fistula can be fixed so that the fistula is mature and ready for use when the need for dialysis comes. In such cases there is no need for a Catheter to be fixed.

Group counseling and Individual as well as family counseling is provided.

Dialysis Patients

Lectures on care of the following are provided.

. Permanent Catheters.

. Sub-clavian catheters

. Fistulas

. Grafts

. Importance of Blood transfusions when the need arises and how to avoid being a candidate for blood transfusions.

. Possible dangers of blood transfusions.

. Information on Hepatitis B and C as well as HIV because they might be at risk.

Post Transplant

Seminars and workshops or counseling on the importance of the following areas which determine the life of the new kidney,

  1. Compliance to medication.
  2. Compliance to following a healthy diet and what it consists of.
  3. What biopsies are and when they may require them.
  4. Preventive measures to be taken to avoid infections.
  5. The importance of exercising.

Open Membership

Members of the public who wish to join and gain more information on kidney and Lupus through workshops.

Are You At Risk?

The general population at large.They are targeted through free Medical Camps to create awareness and sensitize the population on kidney ailments and probable causes. The theme question is normally, "Are your kidneys ok?"

Tests for Blood sugar, Urine and BMI are carried out. Those at risk are referred to the Doctors on our Board..

General information on what symptoms to look for is highlighted.

Information on healthy lifestyles so as to avoid complications is also provided.

Kidney Transplant and Surgery

Where to get Kidney transplantation Surgery

Information on Price lists of Immuno suppression medicine

Care after Transplant, Nutrition and exercise

for more info on the above please contact us



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